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Who We Are

Tohken Thermotech founded in 1939, pioneers in the thermal treatment service with more than 70 years of experience and market leader in Japan and the whole world. The main objective of Tohken Thermo is to contribute and sustain the world through the strength of metal with thermal treatment technology, giving a new life to metal.

Starting operations in the Asian continent, specifically in Japan, the country with the highest technological demand, covering the automotive, industrial, aeronautical, construction and many other markets.

In 2012 the Tohken Thermotech group was established in the American continent, specifically in Mexico, strategically selecting the city of Aguascalientes for the established automotive industry and the proximity to the area of the shallows where some of the big carmakers are located.

Tohken Thermo test laboratory has the most sophisticated equipment, so that our customers can conceive safety and be satisfied with the products we process. All our processes are attached to the most stringent and sophisticated international standards on the planet.

CMM testing

Inversiones Actuales


Our Policies

The quality policy developed in Tohken Thermo is to satisfy the client's requirements, applying the strict but effective Japanese system of the 5S, complying with safety and using cutting-edge technologies in our services focused on the process of continuous improvement.

Tohken Thermo Mexicana contributes in Aguascalientes, Mexico and with society through the technology of specific thermal treatment, always in harmony with the world offering services attached to the preservation of the environment.



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